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Energy Switching Service - Suppliers of Gas & Electricty

There is a number of leading websites in the UK offering price comparison features on a range of services including broadband, mobile phone plans and insurance.

This section deals with websites which focus exclusively on energy suppliers of gas and electricty for home and business users. Changing your energy provider has never been easier in the UK and these websites will guide you through the quick and simple process:

  • Migrate Average Customer Saves Over £300 Each Year

    Migrate is a free new energy switching service which saves households money on their energy bills every year without them having to do a thing.

    Sign-up to just once and they will automatically switch you to the cheapest energy provider every year, taking care of the whole process.

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    Joining is 100% free, it takes just 3 minutes and the average user saves over £300 each year and every year.

    Migrate Will Save You Money & Time

    Migrate is here to save you money on your energy bills, every single year, and it won’t cost you anything. Most energy suppliers put you on a 12-month fixed tariff contract, and after 12 months they move you onto a much higher rate. The average household, as a result, is overpaying by around £300 per year, and it could even be as much as £700-800 for larger households. Migrate’s automatic switching technology means you never need to worry about that again.

  • Energy Helpline

    Energy Helpline

    The Energy Switching Site

    Energy Helpline is an independent price comparison service that provides customers with fast, free and friendly advice on their best gas and electricity deal. This is one of the UK's leading price comparison services with millions of consumers and businesses using their services year on year to compare and switch their energy providers.

    Energy Helpline compares all major suppliers in the UK to help you find your best deal, and take the hassle out of switching with our simple online forms, contacting your new supplier on your behalf after you've completed your switch application.

  • Switchd


    Sign Up Once

    Once you're signed up to Switchd they'll always ensure you are on the best energy deal.

    Your tariff will be checked against the market every single day using a smart algorithm looking for cheaper deals whilst weighing up exit fees, green credentials and night and day usage.

    Automatic Switching

    An email will pop into your inbox letting you know that a better deal has been found and that the switch is going ahead. No need for you to do anything, unless you want us to halt the switch.